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Fencing Moniteur Certification

The noble privilege of the Fencing Master is to defend and enhance the prestige, passion and poetry of the sword, and instill them into the heart and mind of the pupil. While he must be able to treat adequately the spiritual side of the art, his aim and toil is to demonstrate the architectural beauty of the science and the harmonious simplicity of its laws. Only by complete devotion to his profession will he accomplish his duty – to help fencing retain and expand its honored place among the more worth-while activities of mankind.            -Aldo Nadi

Are you a fencer who would like to become a coach? Are you already teaching P.E. classes or in need of CEU’s? Salle De Long is now offers training in the El Paso area.


Approved  course by TEA - *CPE # 902-530 

This course is designed to certify individuals in the Olympic sport of fencing by providing the fundamental knowledge of two of the three fencing specialties (foil and epee). Participants will learn a variety of footwork drills, actions with the weapon and get familiar with basic fencing theory and tactics. The Moniteur is a professional level fencing certification that is designed primarily for those wishing to teach or coach in club, community center, or school based programs without direct supervision. No previous fencing experience necessary to take this certification course.


Certification Requirements:

• Participants must provide fencing gear (jacket, mask, weapon, glove, underarm and chest protector).

• Participants need to be a member of United States Fencing Coaches Association (USFCA).

• A written (online) exam is administered by USFCA. Participants must pass with a 75% or higher prior to taking the practical exam (the written exam is recommended one week prior to the practical).

• Participants must pass the practical exam with a 75% or higher to receive Moniteur certification. The practical exam is administered on the last day of class. Certificate will be mail once all fees have been paid.

Note: USFCA membership, written and practical exams fees are not included in the listed course fee. To sign in visit USFCA website:

Date:  TBA

Day/ Time:  TBA

Fee: Early Registration Fee $250/ Regular Registration Fee $300

1105 E. Yandell | El Paso | Texas | 79902 (entrance on Octavia) | 915.346.4338  |