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2016 Summer National Championships-Dallas, TX
June 29 - July 8, 2016


Highlights of the Summer Nationals:

  • 7,243 entries in 72 individual events, 6,785 or 94% with club affiliations

  • Growth in entrants of 13.9% on a “same-store” basis between 2015 and 2016

  • 3,652 individual fencers, 3,194 or 88% with club affiliations

  • Fencers participated in two events on average (one fencer participated in seven events and eleven participated in six events)

  • 138 teams participated in six Senior Team events

  • 412 clubs were represented with an average of 17.6 entries per club

  • Largest gender-weapon category – Men’s Foil at 20% of entries, smallest -Women’s Saber at 11%

  • Largest event – Y-14 Men’s Foil with 249 entrants, smallest event – Vet-70+ Women’s Foil with four entrants.

  • Entrants from every Division except Wyoming

  • California accounted for about 19% of entries, followed by New York State at 14%

  • 80% of entries from 155 clubs or 38% of clubs represented

  • 80% of entries from 25 Divisions or 37% of Divisions represented

  • 280 ratings awarded, about 55% were either an A or a B classification

  • Information credited to:
    Ross Woods
    Founder & Principal
    National Fencing Club Rankings, LLC

Salle De Long Fencers

The recent USA Fencing National Championships and July Challenge (the Summer Nationals) attracted 3,652 fencers from 412 clubs. Billed as the world’s largest fencing tournament, the Summer Nationals were held at the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center in Dallas, TX and included 72 individual and 6 senior team competitions in all three weapons: epee, foil and saber. The tragic events surrounding the attack on Dallas police officers, compelled the USFA to cancel the six youth events scheduled for Friday 8 July, the last day of competition. The events were Y-10 men’s epee, Y-12 men’s foil, Y-12 women’s saber, Y-10 men’s saber, Y-10 women’s epee and Y-10 women’s foil.

During the National Championships, 54 titles were awarded in Division 1A, Division II, Division III, Y-14, Y-12, Y-10, and Veteran (40-49, 50-59, 60-69 and 70+) competitions. 

El Paso was represented by nine fencers and there coach Margaret Readi De Long who is certified as a Fencing Master. The nine fencers from El Paso were: Abdel Abdelgawad, Alex Johnson, Connor Kaufmann, Quinton Long, Hunter and Julian Spier, Regina and Ryan Sung, and Faith Zhao.

The athletes participated in different events in foil and epee .  This is mainly a new group of fencers participating in their first National Championship. All of them did very well and improved there national standing from the beginning to the end of the events, three fencers in particular performed extremely well.

Congratulations to Ryan and Regina Sung! Ryan fenced Division III men's epee. There were 143 national participants in this event and after the initial pools (Ryan won 6-0 in the pools) Ryan was seeded 7th nationally. He lost his first Direct Elimination 15-14, placed 33rd in the country, and 3rd in Texas. Regina Sung fenced Division II women's epee . She started the day 118 (unranked) out of 130 entries. She finished ranked 12th in the country for Div.II women's epee, finished 1st in Texas, and earned her national ranking of "D".  

Julian Spier fenced Y14 men’s foil as an unranked fencer. There was 249 fencers in the event and Julian started 208th and finished 117th in the country.

Salle De Long is very proud of the exceptional fencers and coach Margaret Readi De Long from Salle De Long School of fencing here in El Paso. This was for the majority their's first exposure on a national level and they all did great!

Salle De Long  Fencing School is proud to offer the Olympic Sport of Fencing to our El Paso and surrounding communities. Coach De Long cares about all the students and their families who fence under her tutelage. Coach De Long also teach  at Fort Bliss  in El Paso.

Everyone give a round of applause to the Salle De Long Fencers returning from the National Championships in Dallas.