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Gold Fencing Package - Lump Sum



Fencer is allowed to sign up monthly, yearly or lump sum commitment for three programs. In addition, fencer is allowed to storage his/her equipment at SDL. This program is perfect for intermedite and pre-competitive fencers.  This package includes Conditioning/ Footwork, Group, and Open Fencing Class and is offered Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 5 to 8:00 pm in foil or epee. All practice equipment is provided (mask, weapon, jacket, glove, chest and underarm protector). Student is responsible for any damage to equipment.



  • Technical and tactical group class with coach(s) and peers in foil or epee. 
  • Conditioning and Footwork drills. 
  • Bouting training with peers and/ or coaches in foil and/ or epee
  • Require participation in local, regional and/ or national tournament.
  • Coaching at out-of-town tournaments.
  • Recommend individual lesson(s) per week or month in foil and epee.
  • FREE 20 min individual lesson with perfect attendance. Perfect attendance constitutes not missing a scheduled class in 1 calendar month.

  • FREE Assessment of sport injury and first aid treatment.
  • Requires United States Fencing Association Membership. Non-competitive $10, competitive $75, or supporting $25
  • Access to Armory for weapon repairs.



  • Additional individual lesson for 20, 40 or 60 min. 
  • Rental of electrical equipment during open bouting and tournaments (weapon, lame and/ or body and mask cord).
  • June & July Summer Camp – contact us for information.
  • Fencing Moniteur Certification – contact us for more information.
  • Referee Clinic – contact us for more information.