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Conditioning & Footwork



This class emphasizes 30 min of strength and conditioning addressing lower and upper body, as well as core through agility, plyometrics, strength and stamina exercises. In addition, 30 min. of fencing footwork drills complement the preparation and readiness on the fencing strip or piste. Conditioning and Footwork class is recommended for all fencers from ages 7 and up, specially if the fencer athlete is planning on participating in local, regional and national events. Class is offered Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 5 to 6 pm.



  • Group conditioning and strength training to improve stamina, agility, speed, and coordination
  •  Routine involve interval training, plyometric exercises, endurance and resistance training utilizing exercise devices and/ or bodyweight resistance 
  • Footwork drills to improved performance on the fencing strip
  • FREE Assessment of sport injury and first aid treatment.



  • Group class with coach and peers in foil and epee. 
  • Bouting training with peers and/ or coaches in foil and epee. 
  • Individual lesson for 20, 40 or 60 min.
  • Access to Armory for weapon repairs.  
  • Rental of electrical equipment during open floor fencing and tournaments (weapon, lame and/ or body and mask cord).
  • June & July Summer Camp – contact us for information.
  • Fencing Moniteur Certification – contact us for more information
  • Referee Clinic – contact us for more information